August 21, 2010

My friend Pippin

My first post on the Durham Family Theatre blog site. It’s a great day for planting things, the air is tinged with hints of autumn and Pippin and I took a long walk at lunchtime. We stopped to visit with friends for a minute in their house halfway through our walk. Then I started right in on planning the Durham Family Theatre.

I’d love to get comments on how you like the site design so far and what you want on the site and how you want to use the site to participate in the Durham Family Theatre blog. I hope some friends who are more blog experienced than I will have suggestions.

Warmly, Ms. Jenny

One response to “August 21, 2010

  1. Oh, Jenny – I’m so very excited for you, my dear! I see great things coming from your dream and I’m so in awe of your courage and strength. You go, girl, and know that I’m behind you the whole way!

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