August 24, 2010

Actors sing Rent in “If Life Were a Broadway Musical,” scripted and directed by Jennifer Justice (Jenny)

Anyone who knows me is aware that it’s my habit to stop first thing each morning at a coffee shop and pick up an iced café latte. It’s like drinking light chocolate milk with a dash of espresso. Beyond the caffeine need, I like stopping at the coffee shop because of the people I meet. Many of my new friends in Durham were first met over frequent “hellos” at this or that wonderful coffee shop in my neighborhood.

This morning the place was filled with friends. At nearly every table I was met with a smile and I plopped down for a few moments at several table, exchanged hugs with “hellos” and “how are you’s.”

One small round table was occupied by three young ladies all of whom I met several years ago when they were little girls. At the narrow rectangular table beside the young ladies were their two fathers; one of them was Bob who writes friendly comments to my other blog site that will end on September 7th as I shift entirely to the Durham Family Theatre blog site.

“Hi,” I said to the young ladies, “did you know I’m starting a theatre?”

“No!” they said, “Really?”

The other dad said, “You are?”

“Yes I am,” I said, and talked a little more about my hopes while pointing to the DFT newsletter I’d just pinned to the coffee shop bulletin board. I ended by saying, “And thank you Bob, your comments on the blog really are a big support.”

Bob pumped both his fists in the air, grinning, and chanted in a gruff voice as if he were at a football game, “DFT! DFT!” The other dad pumped one fist likewise and joined Bob and I, repeating, “DFT! DFT!”

I followed that great start to a DFT workday by sitting in the coffee shop loft beside the plate glass windows, opening my computer and making a weekly Action Plan chart to contain all the “this needs to happen now” thoughts in my head. Now, when I finish something I can check it off the list and appreciate that – though there are an almost overwhelming number of things I need to do to get the theatre up and running – I have accomplished something real toward that goal.

Things I checked-off the list today included: writing a blurb for the neighborhood list serves (that my neighbor Cheryl is going to send out,) sending the blurb to Cheryl so she can pass it along, writing and posting a press release on Craig’s List (a post under General Community and a classes post under Lessons & Tutoring) and downloading small business information forms from (which I learned about from my neighbor Johnetta.) Ms. Annie, a lovely dance teacher from the first and last sessions of summer camp, says she’s going to give fliers to all her school students. Good news.

After I read some of the business forms I had to make a start-up budget for DFT. Now I’ve written this post for the day and it’s Pippin’s supper time. See you later.

Remember to write me at so I can send you a newsletter flier to pass along too. It’s going to take help from everyone I know to get DFT off the ground fast. Thanks for any help you can give, and for reading my posts too.

DFT! DFT! DFT! Jenny

One response to “August 24, 2010

  1. Yes! It was good to see you.

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