August 26, 2010

It has been another good day for the DFT as the weather dropped 10 degrees and hinted at a long, sweet autumn. I got significant work done on a detailed year-one budget and can estimate numbers of students needed this fall based on an overall plan. It was fun to figure out; and I was able to use math techniques I learned two years ago when I re-taught myself math, arithmetic through algebra. (You can check out the results on the new Get Involved with Growing DFT page.)

The other large thing I did was create a new page for the blog – the Get Involved with Growing DFT page. The page offers a good many ways to have an active part in growing the new theatre. I hope you’ll take an idea and run with it … and give me new ways you might want to be involved too. On the Growing the DFT page you can read about my neighbor who was the first woman member of a carpenters’ union.

And all day I’ve been buoyed by the balloon of hope that 121 visitors to yesterday’s DFT blog created. Now, how many will return and how many will spread the news to friends and schools and church groups and … then, how many get involved – that will tell the story of the Durham Family Theatre dream.

On top of that, I was asked to teach at the Durham Arts Council for their intercession arts camp the first week of October. That’s helpful and a pleasure both.

I hope you’ve all had a fine day.

Warmly, Jenny

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