September 3, 2010

If you ever move to a new town, I recommend that the first thing you do is find a friendly dog companion (of course you probably already have a cat.) After three years in Durham, most of the people I know (and nearly all the people who recognize me) were met because I was out walking with my friend Pippin. Today, when Pippin and I were on his after-supper walk, we stopped to say hello to a dad and daughter in their front yard. The daughter loves dogs and Pippin responded to her with a happily wagging tail while she scratched between his ears.

I’d met the family before several times over the years so I naturally said to the dad, “Did you hear? I’m starting a theatre.” “Oh,” he said, “is that you? I’ve been reading about it in the paper and on the web.” And so we talked and it turns out his mother was very involved in the old Durham Theatre Guild. We’re going to get together for coffee this week to discuss old things and new. And he might serve on the DFT Community Advisory Board (which I’ll tell you much more about next week.)

Also, if you didn’t see it, Mark Donovan included a nice short write-up about the Durham Family Theatre in his Local Briefs column in the Durham Herald-Sun on Thursday. Our first newspaper coverage! It’s very exciting (though he printed the wrong dates for classes.) But he got everything else right including the blog address and e-mail. Can you feel the theatre growing?

I’ve got a list of things to do for DFT over the weekend, but I won’t post again until Monday night. So have a great long weekend, relax, go swimming, take in a movie, talk with a friend and enjoy a walk with a sweet dog companion. See you later alligator.

And, if you haven’t already, then REMEMBER TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES AT THE DURHAM FAMILY THEATRE! And tell your friends too.

Warmly, Jenny


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