September 7, 2010

Last night I couldn’t go to sleep before sending a DFT press release to arts editors, education editors and calendar editors at the Durham Herald-Sun and the Independent Weekly. The press release was written, press addresses entered into my email contact list, student and parent emails answered and the blog post published; I thought I was finished with working for the night and had even settled into my reading before sleeping mode, but, after a few restless minutes, I got out of bed and turned the computer on again. The press release blinked from my desktop screen as if alive. It couldn’t be ignored, so I went on line and sent out eight emails with press attachments. Let me know when you see us in the news!

Today was set aside for research into grant applications and beginning to write an emerging artist grant for the Durham Arts Council. Class enrollment, ticket sales, individual donors, fundraising dinners and grants will provide the financial base for DFT in our first year – along with a teaching residency I have scheduled with DAC for winter and spring 2011. There are several grants that seem like strong possibilities and I’m glad to have some successful grant writing experience behind me so it’s not too intimidating.

It’s encouraging, during the DFT start-up, that every day I meet with new evidence that growing a Durham community theatre is the right idea happening at the right time. This morning I was sad to see someone had taken down the newsletter flier from the bulletin board at my local coffee shop, but then Tracy, the Coffee Empress Supreme, told me the person took it because they had a friend who wants to sign up for classes. So I gladly posted another.

This afternoon two guys were sanding and painting the front porches and doors of my duplex; I knew them by sight from walking Pippin around the neighborhood and gave them a DFT newsletter. As I handed them the news I said, “Just in case you know someone who might be interested. I’m starting a theatre.” Turns out they are both actors who grew up in Durham and graduated high school but stayed in town. I’m hoping to see them at auditions or in the Adult Acting Studio this fall.

Have you registered for classes yet? The first week of classes is almost here, so please sign-up today. And, as always, spread the news.

Warmly, Jenny


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