September 8, 2010

I just returned from a meeting with Shelly Green, CEO of the Durham Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. For several days I’d thought about what I hoped would happen at the meeting, and I had enough ideas to send a list of questions to Shelly on Monday.

However, it wasn’t until I turned left on Chapel Hill Street that I knew what I wanted most. I hoped to feel comfortable with Shelly and leave the meeting with both practical assistance and a budding positive professional relationship. While getting practical assistance is a pretty sure bet when meeting someone in a significant leadership role, liking that person and feeling comfortable talking with them are things you just can’t plan on. I mean, you can most always have a respectful, productive interaction but you don’t always naturally enjoy it.

With Shelly Green I was blessed in all directions. She is deeply knowledgeable about our town, its history, its strengths and weaknesses and the people behind events. More than that, she cares about this city and admires the people who live here. Beyond that, she’s cool. I mean to say that she is funny and smart and a great listener and insightfully positive in her responses. At the end of our meeting I had a list of people to talk with and ideas to develop. And Shelly said that the Durham Family Theatre will have full support and good wishes from the DVCB. It was exactly what I’d hoped for and more.

That’s a good day. I hope your day was good as well. More tomorrow.

Warmly, Jenny

PS: Have you signed up for DFT fall classes yet? Home school classes begin in one week. All other classes start the week of September 21st.

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