September 9, 2010

It is a glorious day! The sun is hot and the air is cool. Even better than that, with the approach of autumn we’re assured of several months of weather just like this. Bright and fresh. I surely love springtime, but this is my favorite season.

In the morning I met with Lauren, who was a wonderful camp manager at the Durham Arts Council all summer. She’s working toward a master’s degree in arts administration from U Mass. Amherst (online) and is using the start-up of the Durham Family Theatre as her case study for the fall class. It’s a wonderful opportunity for DFT and for me. She’s already completed a course in marketing and has a good deal of hands-on theatrical management experience to boot.

After our meeting, Lauren left me at my table in the coffee shop with a whole page of things to add to my “activities for the week” DFT list. I decided to make the new list tonight and start on next week tomorrow. It’s just one of those times when I’m supposed to be very busy, which is fine with me in the cause of something I believe in and love like DFT.

One of the ideas from Lauren that will go on my activities list for next week starting tomorrow is to open a business page with Facebook and find teen/young adult ambassadors to help me keep up the page (I’d even love help setting it up if I could find it.)

So this is my call for help! If there are any teens with Facebook skills who are interested in helping me get a DFT Facebook page up and running, talk it over with your parents and, if they agree, write my email address (young adults can write without the parents part): Any amount of help will be appreciated. And I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

I hope your day has been glorious as well and that you’re looking forward to a relaxing evening. (With time to register for classes at DFT.)



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