September 10, 2010

I’m looking for community leaders with love for the arts and a belief in our city’s human resources of all ages.

In that search, it would be easiest to stay within the safety of the neighborhood where I’m most at home, the one where I’ve lived for more than two years, and send out emails, make phone calls and set-up meetings, but then I’d be giving up on my vision of what DFT can become – a place where people meet and create good things together.

That’s what I dream DFT will be: a place where our neighborhoods come together to build something strong and positive while creating an array of job training resources in the field of theatre. I want for DFT students to be accepted in respected programs at Governor’s School and NC School for the Arts. I want our actors to be confident and bold.

Five years ahead I would like for DFT to become an Equity waver house with guest teachers from fields of theatrical design and technical direction. I want our children to know that a good life can be made as an electrician or designer or manager for theatre or film or television. And I want to be able to show them roads they can take to attain their goals. And I want to support them in taking strong steps on their road.

I know. It’s a big dream, but that’s how I think. Start with a strong purpose and one thing leads to another. And I also know that large dreams are achieved through thousands of small, hard-working, steps.

This weekend I plan to take two steps toward my dream. I’m excited to be going to a teen talent show at the Holton Center (which I already know a little because my health clinic is there) in East Durham tonight (unfortunately I can’t afford the opening night of the Blues Festival at the Hayti Center, or you can bet I’d be there.) Tomorrow I’m going to check out the WI Patterson center Community Day. It’s time to step outside my comfort zone and get to know my neighborhoods; a time to say hello.

I hope your weekend also brings you into good community. I’ll write again on Monday, September 13th. (By which time I hope you will have registered for fall classes at DFT: STARTING SOON!)

Warmly, Jenny


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