September 27, 2010

Wasn’t that a refreshing soaker we got last night? It perked my drooping hydrangeas up considerably. I’ve felt similarly quenched the past few days by offerings of support for growing DFT.

Over the weekend DFT received an offer of media relation aid and a volunteer to run the front of house/box office for my October 30th Halloween storytelling concerts. Several people took the time to think about what DFT is trying to accomplish and give helpful suggestions. My friend Lauren gave insights from her theatre programming management classes. Moms responded with enthusiasm to the Young Artists Poster Design Contest and took a flier home to their budding designers. A little at a time, community is gathering with fresh seeds, water and sunlight.

BTW: Tickets for both Oct. 30th shows – the 3 pm “Ghost & I funny and a little scary stories for children of all ages and the 8 pm “Hauntings PG 13,” a concert of haunting tales of ghosts, shape-shifters and lonely souls – can now be purchased on the DFT Shows page of this site. Seating will be limited, be the first to get your tickets at the suggested donation prices of $5 & $10.

Also over the weekend, I visited the beautiful fellowship hall and stage at Trinity United Methodist Church where classes will be held beginning October 12th. I imagined the work, the learning and the great fun that will start with the classes in just two weeks. Have you registered for DFT classes yet? Have you emailed or tweeted or Facebooked or called and told all your friends and relatives to register for class? It’s going to be a productive blast and I hope you’ll take off with DFT. Register today!

Warmly, Jenny


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