September 28, 2010

You may have already noticed that the DFT blog has a new page — Accolades for DFT — the purpose of the page is to let the community know me better through people I’ve worked with and for in theatre education, directing and storytelling. The first accolade on the page was contributed by Annie Kraybill, director of education at The Durham Arts Council. I like it because she identifies strengths that I greatly value and would like to make even stronger within myself — which, by the way, is my approach to education. Identify strengths and build on them. Thank you, Ms. Annie.

If you are someone I’ve taught, directed or told stories to or whose children I’ve taught, directed or told stories to, you’re invited to send an accolade for the page. And when you post your own blog accolades page, I’ll write one for you.

The other good news is that I’m going to give a preview performance of my Halloween stories for children at Urban Ministries of Durham. I met the vibrant director of UM at CenterFest several weekends ago and gave her a copy of DFT News. We had a fine talk right there under the shade of UM’s display table awning that culminated today with my visiting UM to work out the details of my storytelling there. And there may be more to come …

I hope your day has also been productive and your dreams supported. I read an inspiring saying today that was culled from William James: “Institutions are just ideas made real.”

Warmly, Jenny


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