September 30, 2010

Picture me dashing past as I write this post, on my way to a fun working night. Let me just say that I had a great meeting at the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau and was reminded of one more thing I hope to have the opportunity to do while working/playing at the Durham Community Portrait from noon – 4 pm this coming Sunday, Oct. 3rd at the Farmer’s Market downtown. I hope to have the chance to meet other people who are interested in helping to build the Durham Family Theatre. People who find my dreams interesting and have dreams of their own to add. That’s how you build something — it can’t be done with one brick.

Now, about dashing, tomorrow I teach at the Durham Arts Council intercession arts camp and the topic is “Masters Past and Present.” The art teacher, Mr. Bryan, will have selected a wondrous array of art posters and one primary artist the children will focus on for the day’s sessions. I was trying and trying to think how to bring the work of a master performer to the mix — maybe through their words, like with “Who’s on first?” by Abbot and Costello. But the words aren’t nearly as funny unless you read or hear them and some of my students will be very young readers or shy. Hmmm. U-Tube would show it but the stage is so small.

Then it hit me. The Boston Globe called me a Master Storyteller … and I’ve got a storytelling concert at the community portrait on Sunday. So, I decided to ask the students small and tall to coach me in telling my stories at camp tomorrow. And suddenly I felt the strongest urge to practice for the rehearsals. That’s why I’m dashing past …

Have a warm and friendly weekend, Jenny

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