October 2, 2010

3 Funny Thieves with Balkiz at DAC Summer Arts Camp

This just arrived by email and will be added to the Accolades page, but it reflects so well the feelings and experiences that determined me to start DFT, I’m pasting it here today as well:

from Juliellen Simpson-Vos, Oct. 2, 2010
Our daughter, Sydney Grace, has thoroughly enjoyed her drama experiences with Ms. Jenny. This summer she participated in the Durham Art’s Council’s extended performance arts summer camp program where Ms. Jenny taught the drama portion. It had been a long time since we had seen our creatively inclined child so engaged and motivated. We were so impressed with how Ms. Jenny involved the children in brainstorming characters, plots, props, lines, etc. Sydney Grace came home each evening to write poem, stories, and songs which she quickly also performed for us. She took her drama assignments seriously and practiced her lines nightly. Ms. Jenny’s ability to utilize the children’s interest and abilites was exactly the kind of learning environment our daughter needed to jump start her creative juices after a year of fairly standard school activites. We were all thrilled and look forward to more opportunities for her to work with Ms. Jenny.

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