October 6, 2010

Why Miss Jenny is a good drama teacher: from students at the Durham Arts Council arts camp —

“Miss Jenny is a good drama teacher because she’s realistic, a great teacher, knows how to have fun, but serious at the same time.” Sincerely, Maya”

“I like that we can play Zoo Keeper because I like winning. I enjoy that Miss. Jenny is nice to the students in this class.” from Noah to Jenny

“Because she makes stories.” Love Judah

“It’s because she can tell stories very very good. You guys really should take lessons from her. Anyway, she’s also very very nice to people.” Love Isabelle

“Take classes from Miss Jenny because she’s fun and she’s really nice.” Ana

“Ms. Jenny knows how to have fun, but she knows how to be serious. She tells really good stories and we do really fun art projects.” Love, Emma

“Ms. Jenny is very sweet because she helps kids that don’t know drama to learn every time. And she helps children do fun activities when they like to.” Love, Devon that wrote this

“Ms. Jenny is a great drama teacher. You will have fun and she is very nice. There is a lot of fun games like Zoo Keeper and you get to go to places .” From Linus


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