October 8, 2010

You can tell we’ve turned the corner from summer to fall because, even when the temperatures climb into the 80s under a blue daytime sky, the smell of wood smoke wafts through the chilly night air. The final day of DAC intercession arts camp was tartly sweet, like apples, with love notes passed from the children to their teachers along with hugs and whispers of, “I’m going to miss you.”

This weekend I’ll turn my attention to Durham Family Theatre class lists, figuring which classes have enough students registered to stand alone and which classes will need to be combined with others. All-in-all the numbers are fine for a first outing and I look forward to meeting the students and getting to work and play — but we still have room to add more students to every group and you are MOST WELCOME to sign-up by Monday afternoon. Email or call with any questions.

My attention once the classes begin will turn to grant writing and the upcoming Halloween storytelling concerts – October 30th. And of course outreach is constant, meetings are scheduled and I’m telling everyone I meet, “We’re starting a community theatre in Durham. Want to join?”

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and notice that the berries on the dogwood trees have turned bright scarlet while the leaves are burnished copper. Throw a log on the fire and settle down to trading stories with a group of friends. It’s a fine way to pass an autumn evening.

Warmly, Jenny

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