October 13, 2010

The Halloween season is at hand; you can see it in the orange leaves on the crepe myrtle trees and in the pumpkins piling up outside the grocery store. Costumes and bags of candy spill from store shelves. Children will quickly tell you what they plan to wear on the all important night when they go trick-or-treating door to door.

And around the house Pippin my dog and Lalli the cat are being regaled with ghost stories funny and shivery as I prepare for DFT’s first production October 30th – two Halloween storytelling concerts: 3 pm The Ghost & I, funny & just a little scary stories for children of all ages and at 8 pm Hauntings PG 13, deliciously shivery stories for the brave at heart. You can download a Hauntings 2010 flier here or on the DFT Shows page where you can also purchase tickets in advance. Plan to celebrate the changing seasons, the fall harvest and the coming of winter nights with a captivating ghost story concert or two. See you there (215 N. Church Street, Downtown Durham) on Oct. 30th.

Warmly, Jenny


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