October 18, 2010

You may remember from a September post that I had budgeted the first fall DFT classes to include participation from a minimum of 18 students. Well, I’m feeling pretty satisfied today with a total of 14 students enrolled, about half white and half African American (which tells me I really want to get active in finding a volunteer to translate important information into Spanish, but it’s also not bad I think for a first outreach effort into our neighborhood families.) The classes going are Tuesday’s Fractured Fairy Tales with 9 fabulous students and Thursday’s Adult Acting Studio with 5 courageous actors enrolled.

I’m also satisfied today with the beginnings of respectful and exciting relationships with people who serve this city in planning, human services and the arts, and I’m more than ever impressed with the love individuals have for this town. Some of us are working toward program partnerships that I’ll tell you more about as the possibilities ripen. These are all hopeful signs that the first seeds of DFT have been planted in fertile soil.

Next we’ll find out how many people are excited about and available to attend October 30th Halloween Storytelling Concerts for children and adults (given good efforts to spread the news around.) As always, I’m interested to find out who will be there. You can get tickets at the door on the night of the show, or purchase them now, online through PayPal (no account is necessary.) Just go to the Halloween shows on DFT SHOWS page and pick the magenta button for the show you want to see. PayPal will take it from there. And be sure to tell everyone you know. Bring all your friends. Have an after show Hauntings party (which is what my sister is planning.)

Warmly, Jenny

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