October 25, 2010

13 SPOOKY reasons to go to the DFT storytelling concerts on Saturday, October 30th, The Ghost & I (3:00 pm) and Hauntings PG 13 (8:00 pm,) (And bring all your friends!)

1. To try something new and exciting
2. To listen to great storytelling
3. To feel delicious shivers up your spine
4. Because you have a fun costume to wear
5. Because you can make a wicked witch’s cackle
6. Because you like to laugh

7. Because you like to tell stories
8. For something entertaining to do with friends and family on a Saturday afternoon or night
9. To be with other ghost story lovers for the rollercoaster thrills
10. Because you’re curious
11. Because there might be candy at the shows
12. To support the opening shows of the Durham Family Theatre, and …
13. Because it’s almost Halloween!
Get your tickets early by clicking here (suggested donation: $5/child, $10/adult, more or less as you’re able) or buy them at the door. I hope to see you all on Saturday.

Signing off until November 1st, as I dive deep into story rehearsals accompanied by various and sundry spirits,

Warmly, Jenny

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