November 4, 2010

Beautiful Dreamers in Ms. Jenny’s acting class, Revere, Mass. 2006

A busy week has capped off the satisfying weekend of our first DFT productions. There’ve been lots of emails and meetings and classes and more to come. The idea of DFT is taking shape and growing with each new dreamer that joins the effort.

This week the students in our Fractured Fairy Tales class received scripts of the play, “Hotdogrella,” we’ve created together and learned about the different areas of the stage. (We’ve also been sharing with each other how we deal with the dreaded stage fright.)

This week I’ve been asked by EK Powe Elementary school to lead a 15-week residency using theatre to create plays and increase cooperation, listening and language skills in their fabulous STARS afterschool program. The part-time residency will begin the last week of November.

This week Urban Ministries of Durham and I agreed to work on shaping my one-time storytelling visit with families living at the UMD shelter into an ongoing program. We’re meeting next week to plan our next steps.

This week I’ve been invited to talk with Club Blvd. Elementary PTA about taking part in their innovative Humanities Classroom program. We’re meeting on Monday.

This week we’ve started planning DFT Neighborhood Seeds Concerts and scheduled our first home concert for December (we can do more than one in a month and I’ll announce all the concerts here as they evolve.)

And even more, this week I’m meeting with wonderful people who may help with reaching outward to involve more of the Durham community in our efforts to grow DFT.

The 19th century philosopher, William James, observed that an institution is simply an idea made real. Still, to me it is a miracle every time a positive creative idea begins to take shape and substance … if you try, sometimes amazing things can happen. Thanks to all the DFT blog readers for being part of the unfolding.

Warmly, Jenny


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