November 17, 2010

This morning the maple leaves were like an ocean of gold in my backyard. On our early walk Pippin and I traipsed through pools of red and orange crepe myrtle leaves and kicked up browning canoe shaped oak leaves as we turned the corner toward home. After several days of clouds and rain, a bright clear day dawned again.

Yesterday afternoon nine K-2nd graders proudly presented a showcase of their six-week Fractured Fairy Tales class to about 25 parents, grandparents and siblings. The show began with song and dance as the actors showed the audience how to warm up their voices and bodies for performance. I made up the song one night at home while washing dishes and it turned out grand. It’s called “The Fishes’ Wake Up Song.” After the breathtaking beginning, and a solid round of applause from the audience, the students demonstrated how to warm up emotions with the Emotional Statues game and then taught the audience the names for the areas of the stage (downstage, upstage, center stage et al.) Finally, the main event, our original fractured fairytale, “Hotdogrella.” The costumes were bright and funny with the Ringmaster in a pink and orange polka dot top hat and tie. Hotdogrella wore a clown’s suit and the Fairy Godmother was beautiful in white lace with a sparkling silver magic wand. Everyone did a great job and I know we’re looking forward to the second round of DFT acting classes in the spring. (NOTE: Our Spring session of classes will begin the week of March 21st and run for 8-weeks.) I was happiest that all the students had a great time performing for the audience (even the very, very shy first-time performers.)

Now, on to DFT Neighborhood Seeds Concerts and our original musical of “Alice in Wonderland.” The first Seeds concert is going to be at the home of Steven, Vicki & Yin Yin Matherly in the Watts-Hillandale neighborhood on Saturday, December 11th. That was easy to schedule since Pippin and I walk past the Matherly home on Club Blvd. and say hello most afternoons. We would love to schedule at least one more December concert in another neighborhood so please check out the Seeds Concert page and contact me, Jenny, at for more information on how easy it is to bring DFT into your living room.

The “Alice” auditions are set for Saturday, January 8th and Monday, January 10th. You can read the details on our DFT Shows page and feel free to email me with any questions. Also, the final deadline for submissions to the “Alice” poster contest is next week, November 22nd, so it’s not to late to add your creative art to the other submissions. Check out how at the Poster Contest page.

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Warmly, Jenny

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