December 6, 2010

We Have a WINNER!

Hannah McShea, a ninth-grader at Riverside High School, submitted a winning design for the Durham Family Theatre Young Artist Flier Design Contest!

Congratulations to Hannah, whose striking linocut design has been chosen for use on all fliers and press releases for DFT’s March 2011 production of “Alice, a mad musical adventure!” Not only will Hannah’s design be displayed on all publicity materials for “Alice,” it will also be used as the basic design concept for the production’s set and costume designs. Hannah was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but moved to Durham, NC when she was just nine-months-old and has loved living here ever since.

In her winning submission, Hannah wrote:

“I chose the Cheshire Cat because he is emblematic of “Alice in Wonderland” and has a delightfully mad grin. He is atop the Lucky Strike tower, as it is a Durham icon and represents the city’s heritage and current artistic movements. The medium is linocut and the colors black and white because I felt it made a good poster with the bold contrast that linocut lends itself to.

I hope to continue experimenting with art throughout my life no matter where my career takes me. Printmaking and sketching in particular interest me. I say sketching because I like to draw from life, and in a rougher and impressionistic style.

My other interests include playing the cello and running cross-country. I enjoy reading classics, writing and travel. Most of all, I love Durham!”

Hannah left the black circle of the Lucky Strike Tower blank, so that we could decide together what words to inscribe in the middle. We’ve chosen that space as our banner and it will soon read: Durham Family Theatre presents! Soon you’ll see it all over town!

Congratulations again to Hannah, and thanks for giving us a strong, beautiful design for “Alice, a mad musical adventure,” (an original musical, script by Jennifer Justice based on the books of Lewis Carroll and music by Durham resident, Ryan Gunzel.)

Auditions for “Alice” will be held on January 8th and 10th 2011. For details go to DFT Shows page.

Warmly, Jenny

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