December 7, 2010

Dorothy Clark, co-artistic director of DFT

Last night I posted the news of Hannah McShea’s winning entry in the Young Artist Poster Design Contest. Following on that excitement, I’ve news tonight that will carry the Durham Family Theatre a giant step forwarding in growing into its vision.

Since announcing the creation of DFT in August this year, I’ve been on a marvelous journey of discovery regarding what can happen if you act on your dreams with faith and determination. I’ve mentioned often in these columns that one result of this journey has been encounters with wonderful, strong leaders in the Durham arts community. These meetings with dedicated people in both the public and private sectors always resulted in a generous new list of resources – new people to contact. And on this journey one name came up repeatedly, that of a Durham actor, storyteller, director, producer, singer and creative innovator – Dorothy Clark.

Before my first meeting with Dorothy I explored her online and was immediately captivated by the story she tells on the mecca hosting website. (Click here and listen to Dorothy) She invited me to her home for our first meeting, providing the warm atmosphere and friendly dog while I brought a light lunch of some favorite tastes. We talked long, sharing dreams and discovering a startling amount in common along with our differing strengths and life-experiences. Before I left, Dorothy generously suggested we take a week or two to reflect on our talk and plan to get together again, each ready to say what we wanted from the new relationship.

We met the second time at Beyu Café on Main Street (the place to be!) Before my large cup of latte was empty I had told Dorothy that I hoped she would accept the offer to join me as co-director of Durham Family Theatre.

It is my great privilege and blessing to announce tonight that Dorothy agreed. Please go to the new “Co-Artistic Directors” page and learn about this fabulous artist whose dreams and resources are now directed with determination and faith toward helping DFT become a community theatre like no other, both inspired and nourished by the possibilities inherent in our unique town.

With joy,

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