January 5, 2010

You can do it!

Happy New Year to all! I hope your holidays were peaceful and sweet. In late December I had the joy of sharing stories and songs about the lights of December with families living at the Urban Ministries of Durham homeless shelter (the children always teach me new songs!) And now I have the news to share that UMD and DFT have agreed to pursue funding for a 1/4 time program of Arts in Community for the 2011-2012 year – we envision the power of storytelling, visual art and music to help financially challenged families transition to long-term stability – I’ll write more about this as we advance our efforts. For now, I’m hugely grateful to be partnering with Urban Ministries in this hopeful project.

All this week I’m imagining actors and actresses of all ages preparing 1 minute songs to audition for “Alice, a mad musical adventure” THIS SATURDAY (Jan 8, 10 am) and MONDAY (Jan 10, 6:30 pm)! I’m proud to say the songs Ryan (with help from my sister and myself) has written for the original script are exciting, funny and beautiful. And my dear colleague Danny Yancey (musician extraordinary!) is setting the music to the page for us. For details on the auditions and to download a script of “Alice” visit our DFT Shows page.

See you at auditions! Jenny

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