January 28, 2011

Sword fights, dancing turtles and steaming tea pots, oh, my! We’re in the thick of things now at the end of two weeks of blocking stage movement for “Alice, a mad musical adventure!” The set team gathers tomorrow morning with plywood abundant and drills a’whirling to build the main set pieces (rolling platforms!) before starting on the smaller ones. The music director and I will meet at noon, the costume team hold it’s first planning session at 12:30 pm and the cast will rehearse music from 1 – 4 pm. Did you ever wonder how much effort goes in to mounting a musical theatre production? Just ask any one of our 25-and-growing member team of actors (ages 8 – 66 & every decade in between!), designers, set builders, costume sewers, sound people and (soon) light people – it’s a great investment of time, effort and heart all to create an “Alice” like none other you’ve ever seen or imagined. Get your tickets early and help us sell out the shows! (DFT SHOWS PAGE)

Warmly, Jenny

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