February 2, 2011

GREAT NEWS! Hannah McShea, who won the “Alice” poster design competition by creating the Cheshire Cat on the Durham tower graphic for all our publicity, has agreed to design all of our backdrops for the show – design, draw on canvas and supervise the painting. I can’t wait to see what Hannah creates next. Don’t miss it. Tickets are on sale now at the DFT SHOWS page.

Rehearsals Update: Last night I sent this email to a friend in snowy Boston:

Tonight we finished blocking the play, including the great big climatic song in the trial scene, “Off With Her Head!” I can’t tell you the thrill of hearing a group of 18-fabulous actors/singers belting out something I wrote! The cast includes people ages 8 – 66 and every decade in between. So far the crew includes a music director with a doctorate in music composition, a volunteer set team, costume team, student assistant director, backstage manager and a fabulous stage manager/tech director who was the first woman in the carpenter’s union and is one of the most organized people I’ve ever met. Now all we need are a sound person, a lighting person, a light tree and about 10 theatre lights. One day at a time. Creating a grand musical. Wow.

Now, I’m off to rehearsals …

Warmly, Jenny


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