March 14, 2011

“Alice!” closed on Saturday night after a most successful run (we sold out the Saturday afternoon show and came close to filling the house every night of our amazing run.) On Sunday night after striking the set we gathered at the home of the Queen of Hearts for our “Alice! a mad musical adventure” cast and crew party. The Dormouse was there, swinging on the wooden glider in the yard with Tweedledum and the Knave of Hearts. The Flamingo brought samples of mocha chip cookies for her upcoming wedding. The Three/Two of clubs (Rhianna) arrived but her cohort in timidity the Two/Three of clubs was missed. Our beloved White Rabbit couldn’t come because her mother rabbit (our house manager) is sadly, but appropriately, allergic to cats. The Caterpillar (who in real life resembles his alter ego the energetic March Hare more than the lethargic bug) arrived with his daughter, our Fawn. Mad Hatter talked with everyone and sang serendipitously throughout the evneing. Mock Turtle propped beside me on a stool at the kitchen counter and reminisced about the production while munching fried chicken. The King of Hearts was charming as always and the Duchess and Cook a good deal less scary in person. And of course Alice was there, visiting with all of us mad creatures. They gave me (the director) an artist’s proof of the Alice award winning poster graphic signed with love by everyone in cast and crew. I’m going to miss them all – and never forget the joy of watching them bring “Alice!” alive as audiences laughed and cheered them along. Thank you to all who adventured together through Alice’s looking glass! Now on to Spring acting classes and Summer Performance Camps … you never can tell where the next turn in the road will take you …

Love, Jenny

3 responses to “March 14, 2011

  1. What a fun show it was. Thanks for putting it all together.

  2. romay/mock turtle

    greetings kind lady,
    seems like you are still on a high, so am i–you made it possible. thank you again and again. i might one day use the sad story of the mock turtle in an audition someday. solong until we meet again or until e-mail again. i already miss q/one.
    hasta lavista baby

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