March 24, 2011

Spring has fully arrived … we had a quenching thunder storm in the night and this morning the pear trees have transformed from snowy white to verdant green. Blossoms giving way to growth.

DFT is undergoing a similar transformation … the success of “Alice! A Mad Musical Adventure” is giving way to new students in our spring classes this week and spreading toward two exciting summer performance camps in June and July. Plans are almost completed for the 2011-2012 season. Summer Performance Camp registration is under way and I met yesterday with DFT co-director Dorothy Clark and two new DFT supporters to put into place more secure roots to support all this growth. We are gathering seed names from the blossoms with which to create a DFT board of directors and an advisory board. ByLaws have been written, revised, polished and approved. Our application for not-for-profit status will go out within the week. We plan to hold a day-long retreat in May and put in place a strategic plan for the next five-years of growing Durham Family Theatre.

There’s so much to be done to keep up with the surging life of Durham’s new community theatre … and all the while there’s the simmering joy of simply appreciating the efforts that have brought us this far through the first autumn and winter of DFT’S life. The labor that led to spring. And the love that will keep us growing into each new season … I hope you’ll join us!

Warmly, Jenny


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