April 5, 2011

Rehearsing for “Alice!”

There are so many fun and exciting things to do, preparing DFT for its next sprouting growth. Getting ready for summer performance camps – writing a short play about giants and dragons for our Heroes & Heroines spring class – picking out monologues and scenes for our middle school acting class on Thursday evenings – approaching prospective board and advisory council members for the planning retreat on May 14th (A SHOUT OUT! Stone Circles retreat center has offered DFT their space for the May retreat – for barter only! That’s what I call living into your mission. Thank you Claudia at Stone Circles!) If you are interested in serving on either the board or the council and we just haven’t thought of you, please email me at durhamfamilytheatre@gmail.com.

Middle and high school students are invited to apply for internship positions (community service credit available with DPS) for the Young People’s Performance Camp, July 18 – August 6.) I’m copying the job description below. If you are interested contact me at the above email address to find out how to apply.

“Alice!” student assistant director

Young People’s Performance Camp – July 18 – August 6
Student Internship Job Description
Intern Responsibilities:
– To assist the camp director in directing the students in plays
– To assist the camp director in facilitating theatre games with students
– To assist the camp director in teaching basic skills of stagecraft (i.e. costumes, sets, sound, props)
– To assist with checking in and signing out students each day
– To assist with preparing and serving snacks
– To interact with students during break periods and at lunch, helping maintain a positive, fun and safe camp atmosphere
– To be present on the camp site from 8:45 am to 3:15 pm each day
– To assist the camp director with setting up each morning and cleaning up each afternoon
Qualifications: Qualified Interns Will:
– Enjoy the company of elementary aged children
– Have experience interacting with elementary aged children
– Have studied acting/theatre for at least one-year
– Have experience performing in at least one play
– Enjoy helping others to learn new skills in theatr
– Be (basically) able to remain calm in high energy situations
– Have basic knowledge of first aid (Helpful but not required)
– Be able to think independently and make good decisions
– Enjoy working hard to create artistic excellence
– Be willing to take on a variety of tasks as needed
– Have some skills at directing conflicts toward win/win, fair solutions (Like “Rock, paper, scissors”)
Camp Behavior Expectations:
– Interns will only use cell phones (whether for texting or phone calls) during break times and with permission from the camp director. In general, cell phones should be used only for emergencies.
– Interns will maintain a positive and willing attitude toward their work
– Interns will communicate any problems, needs or concerns directly to the camp director in a timely manner
– The use of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate action
– Interns will uphold all camp policies and procedures for

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