April 25, 2011

Actors at camp with Ms. Jenny, Summer 2010

Welcome back from school vacation week – spring is moving toward summer’s warmth – in my neighborhood the lemony scent of tall purple irises combines with sweet honeysuckle as I walk my pup Pippin up and down the sidewalks. It’s a time when children eagerly anticipate the end of the school year and make plans for fun in the summer months – we hope you’ll include our Summer Performance Camps in your plans – acting games, improvisations – theatre costume, set, make-up, lights and sound design – and of course rehearsing and performing a play. Check it out on the Summer Performance Camps page.

In the life of a community theatre, the winding down of one season is always busy with planning for the next season. With DFT that means evaluating what worked this year and what could work better next; then we’re making final decisions on classes, plays and concerts for next year with a focus on expanding our audiences and actors to include our Rock the Boat and Center stages (“Alice! started us off on our Family Stage.)

At the close of our first season, we’re also gathering a fabulous board of directors and advisory board for a day-long strategic planning retreat in mid-May. And of course grants for expanding programs are due in the spring, writing them is like planting seeds for the next harvest. Hoping the seeds take root and grow. We’re as busy as in a family farm or kitchen garden, tilling soil, adding nutrients, watering, weeding and praying for abundance in return. We do the work and see what happens next. And of course you are most welcome to join us!

With warm good wishes, Jenny


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