May 30, 2011


It’s been a lovely holiday weekend for me – and I hope the same for all of you. Just before the weekend began the mail carrier left three books of plays at my door – and I alternated between exploring possible scripts for the Teen Performance Camp (fabulous campy murder mysteries) and going back in time with James Shapiro’s wonderful book, “A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare – 1599.” That’s the year Shakespeare wrote King Henry V, Hamlet and As You Like It (DFT’s fall 2011 production.) A miracle year in literature! Summer Performance Camp registrations continued to arrive over the weekend too. And a college theatre student volunteered to intern with the teen camp – a great addition to our summer.

There’s so much to be done building on DFT’s successful first year, that I’m exceedingly grateful to be joined in the efforts by our new DFT Board and Advisory Council. As we poise on the edge of summer and the new fiscal year (July 1, 2011) I’m pleased and excited to announce the members of Durham Family Theatre’s first board and council. To see pictures and read bios for the board, click on the About Us page. Welcome to all!

DFT Board of Directors:
Dorothy Clark (board chair)
Rhonda Royal Hatton
Beverly Stevenson
Ute Wittman Pair

DFT Advisory Council:
Brenda Howerton
Natalie Beyer
Jerri Dorsey
Taylor Dorsey (middle-school representative)
Sybil Bond Dorsey
Barry Archer
Carmen Archer
Adam Beyer (high-school representative)
Lori Ramsey
Melody Peters


One response to “May 30, 2011

  1. Jenny, your theater company looks wonderful! So glad that things are going so well! Durham is certainly blessed to have you at the helm of this venture. I know that New England misses you.

    Linda Goodman

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