June 19, 2011

“Trinity Ave Presbyterian welcomes you to our facilities and we are happy to add a little support to your community enrichment programs.” Jim P., church building mgr.

The art supplies are sorted and stored in bright plastic containers labeled such things as “Colored Pencils,” “Large Markers” and “Glitter/Glue.” Five reams of white paper weigh the back of my car; scripts for our play, Snow Angel by David Lindsay-Abaire, sit on the passenger seat up front, eagerly waiting for tomorrow when 14 student actors will give them voice and life. My three-ring binder notebook is neatly organized into sections separated by colored plaster dividers each labeled in red marker on white paper: Admin., Plans, Play, Set, Costumes. (I need a few more dividers to mark Make-up, Lights & Sound. The curriculum is written for tomorrow and stashed in the notebook section labeled “Plans.” And tomorrow is the day that all the plans since March will come together in June as the first session of DFT’s Teen Summer Performance Camp.

Kayla Hudgins, a college sophomore studying theatre at West Virginia University, is poised to take her place as teaching intern tomorrow. We’ve discussed activities she knows how to lead and plan for her to teach two or thee things daily. Tomorrow she will, among many other things, lead us in a team building “Trust walk obstacle course.” I’m really looking forward to that.

My refrigerator is fat with apples and oranges that are chilling before being carted to Trinity Presbyterian Church for snacks. My living room is as scattered as my rolling supplies-carrier is neatly organized – chaos moving toward structure, resulting in creativity. And I’m about to chill too for the evening before the big day dawns. With all the planning, it’s still a surprise to realize the long anticipated beginning of camp has arrived. And I get to be there. See you later.

Warmly, Jenny

2 responses to “June 19, 2011

  1. romay/mock turtle

    hi jenny,

    it’s a joy to know you are so busy. and i know it’s working with those

    talented young young actors.

    thnxs for the e-mail up date. love always Romay

  2. Lucky you! And what lucky teens to be able to participant in what is sure to be a life-altering experience!

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