July 27, 2011

I just have to write and say – at the end of an exciting day made peaceful by a visit from our yoga instructor, Viola Bestmann – how incredibly fortunate I feel to have four talented, intelligent, compassionate, lively, inventive, humble, dedicated, child-loving teen interns running the Young People’s Performance Camp with me. Because of them simple things happen, like cutting the fruit each morning and serving it at our snack break, or setting out the art supplies & games.

Simple things happen – but our strong and talented interns also direct the children for their 3 plays – so that I’m able to block movement for “In the Land of Dreams” on our stage while young actors are coaxed in blocking from the previous day by Francesca and Justice in the lobby. Rosa evokes stage ready performances from our baby dragons and Rebecca helps actors in “Velcro, Zippers & Laces” learn lines and raps. It’s amazing.

Already our interns have blocked staging successfully enough to have it included in the show. And now Justice has agreed to take on an important “Storyteller” role in “Dreams.” All the while they are sensitive to our campers’ weaknesses and strengths – soothing fears, wiping occasional tears and evoking laughter. They are an effective team for helping manage 21 enthusiastic actors aged 6 – 11. The interns are treasures. And I’m grateful for the good fortune that brought such amazing people to our summer programs.

Thank you Francesca, Rosa, Justice & Rebecca. You’re the best.

Warmly, Ms. Jenny

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