August 1, 2011

Princesses, kittens & a Woodsprite at camp

We’re entering my favorite time at summer performance camp – the time when the young actors in rehearsals go beyond the challenges of learning lines & movement to the pure hard-working fun of really talking to each other in an invented character. Of getting to throw themselves whole-heartedly into meeting three baby dragons in Aunt Dorothy’s attic and rapping with the Hip Hop Bops.

Today we played Hot Potato saying the lines in our plays and throwing the giant pink beach ball to the character that speaks after us – if you throw to the wrong person, you have to run around the circle saying your line and when you get back to your spot throw the ball to the right person. Some of us ran a few good laps around the circle, but we did well all-in-all. Then we really dug into play rehearsals, throwing energy to each other with our words like we’d thrown the giant beach ball. And discovered new strengths & satisfaction.

We also designed scenery paintings, make-up masks & a magic wand.
And everyone went home with instructions to read through the scripts just before closing their eyes for a long night’s rest. Sounds good to me.

Keep good thoughts coming our way on August 5th & 6th at 7:00 pm, as the 21 student actors of DFT’S Young Peoples Performance Camp present a showcase performance of “We Can Help, 3 short plays to make everyone laugh!” Free and open to the public at Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church, corner of Gregson Street & Trinity Avenue near the Brightleaf Square area of downtown Durham, NC. Park for free in the Gregson Street lot & enter at the doors beside the church playground.

Warmly, Jenny

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