August 11, 2011

Our camp costume room after the interns cleaned it up & before 21 elementary school aged actors filled it with dragon wings & Converse sneakers.


Dear Families of DFT’s Summer Performance Camps 2011,
As I sort, fold & store-away Kitten Queen fur and bathing suits, I’m assessing DFT’S inventory in preparation for our fall production of “As You Like It,” (8/27 Audition Information on DFT Shows Page.) And while assessing I’m celebrating the gifts a new community of families has brought to DFT in our first year. It is amazing how much has changed since DFT first moved from idea to action one year ago next week. And all because people joined the effort with dreams, ideas and actions of their own.

Today I made photo montages of both the Teen and the Young People’s performance camps. And am hoping that more pictures of the camps arrive in my e-mail soon. I’ll add them to our history of success album in the first year of Durham Family Theatre.

So many people contributed to the success of our 2 summer performance camps, it is difficult to thank everyone; I’m bound to leave someone out. Please forgive me if I’ve left off any names below – we were rich in human resources and the camps were alive with all your gifts.

  • Thanks to Trinity Ave. Presbyterian Church for donating their beautiful Fellowship Hall to our student actors;
  • Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and siblings for bringing your student to camp in the morning and picking them up each afternoon.
  • Thanks to all families for helping our actors learn lines and stage movement.
  • Thanks to all families who emptied your closets and added to DFT’s costume collection.
  • Thanks to Joy Harrell and Viola Bestmann for enriching our experience with theatre games, voice warmups & yoga
  • Thanks to Malcolm Goff & Joy Harrell for chronicling the progress of YPP camp on video
  • Thanks to Mr. Freedman for chronicling the progress of our Teen camp so professionally (UTube here we come!)
  • Thanks to Kayla Hudgins our wonderful Teen Camp intern/assistant director for showing us how to paint a giant bruise onto a forehead.
  • Thanks to Francesca M. Suarez, Rosa Ramirez, Justice Batson & Rebecca Woodard, our incomparable YPP camp interns/assistant directors
  • Thanks to Monica Suarez for making 4 beautiful Storyteller shirts & the Snow Angel’s white cape
  • Thanks to Charlotte’s mom, Julie Maxwell, for the Wood Sprite’s perfect costume – a cross between Tinker Bell & Puck
  • Thanks to Rhumel Anderson for the Cat Witch’s amazing face painting (I’d love a picture of Cat Witch in full makeup if anyone has one)
  • Thanks to Hannah McShea for teaching our teens how to design & paint a backdrop – and for painting our snowy forest so beautifully
  • Thanks to all the families who ushered, set up chairs, took down chairs, escorted actors through quick changes during our shows, brought food for the Strike-the-Set-Cast-Party, introduced me to your friends, etc.
  • Thanks to Robin Morgan for knowing how to make dragon’s wings & sharing the knowledge
  • Thanks to Ute Whitman-Pair & David Pair for donating the light poles and lights
  • Thanks to Janet, Jim Petrea & Jim’s team at Trinity for their good-natured shephereding of our camps
  • Thanks to all of you for your hard work and passion, & for the laughter your work & passion inspired.

It was a wonderful summer.

Warmly, Ms. Jenny

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