September 20, 2011

As we mark the fall equinox, 24-hours with equal night and day, the official turning from summer toward cooler months, our cast is hard at work on the beginning phases (blocking movement, learning lines) of rehearsals for our Nov. 4, 5, 11, & 12 production of “As You Like It.” In this balanced period of light & dark, it’s a good time to offer thanks to people & organizations that have already made a big difference to our growing community theatre as we begin our second season of shows.

THANK  YOU to Trinity Ave. Presbyterian Church for hosting our “As You Like It” auditions!

THANK YOU to David Katzenmeyer & Water World for hosting our first two “vagabond” weeks of rehearsals!

THANK YOU to Lori Ramsey for welcoming us to your home for the pool party/first script read-through.

THANK YOU to CENTRAL PARK SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN for giving us a home for the remainder of our rehearsal period.

THANK YOU to NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY for allowing us to personally invite their acting students to our AYLI auditions and for providing us with a FABULOUS COSTUME DESIGNER for our show! (That’s you Renea Pratt!)

THANK YOU to TRINITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH for housing our DFT acting classes for another season. We couldn’t do it without you!

THANK YOU to all ACTORS & CREW & MUSICIANS for the generous commitment of time and effort it takes to make a wonderful, creative, exciting, entertaining show to offer our audiences.

Transition times, like this year for DFT in our search for a permanant home, can be shakey, but with a whole community of generous volunteers & Durham organizations, they are also a time of opportunity.

THANK YOU for the opportunity to grow Durham’s inter-generational, multi-racial, multi-ethnic community theatre.

“Planted in grassroots, nourished by community, reaching for the stars!”

Warmly, Jenny

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