October 21, 2011

from “As You Like It”
O good old man, how well in thee appears
The constant service of the antique world,
When service sweat for duty, not for meed!
Thou art not for the fashion of these times,
Where none will sweat but for promotion.
How wonderful to be a part of such a force as a play. Hannah McShea (Scenic Artist  for “As You Like It”)

We had a great time at Thursday night rehearsals, singing for three solid hours. As the actors/singers repeated each song over and again, changing, correcting, refining, perfecting their harmonies, I was inspired to reflect that DFT couldn’t exist without community and that’s exactly how we like it. We depend on a large community of volunteers for each production – to build sets, design & paint our sets, sing our songs, bring our plays to life, participate in our classes, sew our costumes, direct our music.

That’s how community theatre is meant to be – we’re a community theatre not simply because we serve a wide-community, but as significantly because community is created as we hold our classes & summer camps and create our plays.

Currently volunteers are gathering in specific areas of our production of “As You Like It.” Anyone who has been wondering how to try out volunteering with DFT is invited to offer your services in areas of:

  • Costumes (sewing & backstage changes,)
  • Painting flats & platforms
  • Front of House – handing out programs, welcoming the audience, etc.
  • Help with loading our set into the Hayti Center on Monday, Oct. 31 from noon – 5 pm (or part of that would be great)
  • Volunteer a truck or van to help with load-in and/or load-out on the final night of the show (Nov. 12)
  • Something we need that you think of yourself …

If you want to volunteer with “As You Like It“, just send me an email introduction at durhamfamilytheatre@gmail.com. And A GREAT WAY TO VOLUNTEER IS TO SEND THIS  AYLI Flier TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW INVITING THEM TO JOIN YOU IN SEEING DFT’s production of William Shakespeare’s rowdy romantic comedy, “As You Like It.”

Warmly, Jenny


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