November 19, 2011

(Ms. Harrell’s daughter with a Wood Sprite rehearsing for DFT Summer Camp 2011 show.)

BREAKING NEWS: Today I met with Joy Harrell, a wonderful actress, singer and educator who moved back south, following a successful music theatre career in NYC, four years ago to teach music in our schools and raise her daughter close to family. Ms. Harrell has agreed to be the Music Director for our winter FAMILY STAGE musical, “THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER.” Thank you to Joy in advance for all the hard work and all the fun we’re going to share. AUDITION DETAILS AVAILABLE NOW ON THE DFT SHOWS PAGE!

Also, today I received an email from one of the actors in “As You Like It,” expressing what I suspect most of us feel – that he misses the creative friendships and fun work of our show. Later in the day two other members of the “AYLI” ensemble stopped by, dropping off costumes and fabric pieces and staying to chat a little while. Creating a show together is one of those activities that naturally builds a strong sense of community. Then, when actors, designers, techies, etc., come back for a 2nd show, it starts to feel a bit like family. I hope to see them all again soon.

And Remember That REGISTRATION IS HAPPENING NOW FOR OUR WINTER CLASS SESSION – Find out about the classes on the DFT CLASSES page and register early.

Warmly, Jenny

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