January 12, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to all 30 actors/singers aged 5 – adults who auditioned for Durham Family Theatre’s family musical production of “The House at Pooh Corner.” With so much talent, I know we’re going to have a funny, exciting and moving production that will be enjoyed and loved by all ages – Shows: March 9, 10, 16, 17


CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, a boy     Austin Spero

WINNIE-THE-POOH, a teddy bear     Rosemary Betts

PIGLET, a small pig      Isabella (Izzie) Pratico

OWL, an owl    Amanda Elam

EEYORE, a donkey    Margaret Elam

TIGGER, a tiger      Hannah Peters

KANGA, a mother kangaroo       Elizabeth Beyer

ROO, Kanga’s child     James Apisai

RABBIT, a rabbit      Robin Rancer Betts

EARLY, one of Rabbit’s nieces and nephews     Imani Dixon

LATE, another of Rabbit’s nieces and nephews      Owen Taffar


RABBIT CHORUS     Kailey Grace Marsh-Smith, Ephram Oliver, India Sa’Vaughn Hatton, Makena Overcast-Hawks, Audrey Sainvil, Maria Kennedy, Rheanna Pidgeon, Claudia Hughes,  Stella Domer, Noelle Finlay, Lena Angrist, Owen Bruce


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