January 26, 2012

On Monday I was thinking of all the people currently taking part in our classes, on our Board and Advisory Council and, of course, in rehearsals for our family musical production of “The House at Pooh Corner,” (You can purchase tickets now on the DFT Shows page) and  I realized that our theatre, which began with a handful of passionate people a year and a half ago, is currently energized by 60 or so people of all ages from a good variety of our Durham neighborhoods.

We’ve had over 15,000 visits to our website. Our e-mail list has grown to nearly 600 families, most of those through direct contact with our classes, summer camps and shows. Wow! That’s a great deal of growing in a short time and it gives us strong reasons to hope that our vision of creating “a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, inter-generational community-based theatre, reaching into and being fed by our diverse Durham, NC neighborhoods, where amateurs and professionals of all ages, races and economic status can gain skills that lead to meaningful careers and relationships while creating engaging, exciting, transforming theatre” can be fulfilled.

Thank you to everyone who has helped grow the Durham Family Theatre so far, and to all of you who will join the hard work, the creative satisfaction, the community and the fun in the future.

Ways to get involved today include:

  • Register for our Summer Performance Camps 2012 on the camps page of this site
  • Get your tickets today for “The House at Pooh Corner”
  • Audition for our June 2012 Rock the Boat Stage production of “Between the Bells,” about life in the Durham Public Schools
  • Go to the Support for DFT page and make a Tax Deductible Donation to keep us growing strong in serving our community
  • Send us your resume, your original scripts, your questions, your wishes at durhamfamilytheatre@gmail.com
  • Volunteer to work on the production crew for “The House at Pooh Corner” – we need sewers, set builders, ushers, program creators, FACE-PAINTERS!

If you have a talent, an interest or a skill, it’s very likely that we have a place for you to use it. Hope to see you soon.

With good wishes, Jenny Justice


One response to “January 26, 2012

  1. Mazel Tov!!!

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