February 10, 2012

Photo by Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell 

When it happens, it’s easy to miss … because it happens in the middle of getting a play ready for an audience – all that activity – blocking the stage movement – learning the songs – selecting fabric for costumes – getting to know each other – and at some point I look around and realize we’ve become a community making something together that we hope will be very fine.

In the past week the mom of our (teen) assistant director offered to make all 11 white vests for the rabbits in the 100 Acre Wood – Robin – Pooh’s mom – brought in costumes and set pieces, and a member of the Rabbit Chorus is assisting her mom in procuring and managing our props. This Sunday a group of us (supported by members of the DFT board and advisory council) will gather for a set building party under the guidance of DFT (teen) scenic artist, Hannah McShea. Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell (whose talented daughter is taking our Storytelling for Actors class this winter) came to rehearsals and took this picture for our publicity. And everyone was excited that last Saturday was our music director’s birthday. In the world of Pooh, there just had to be a little snackeral or two.

This is what I love about producing DFT’s annual Family Stage musical. Everyone gets involved. And, as happened last year with our musical based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, this includes families performing together. This year Owl is Eeyore’s mom and Rabbit is mom to our very own Pooh. Family members are welcome at rehearsals, so we’ve often a parent or brother or two sitting on the side-lines, sorting fabric for the set that Pumpkin Patch Scene Shop is constructing.

By the time our audiences arrive,  we’ll be eager to welcome them into the fun we’ve been having all along.

TICKETS For “The House at Pooh Corner” are on sale now on our DFT Shows page. Arrive early on the night of the show to get your pick of seats – (Doors open at 6:30 pm) See you there!

Warmly, Jenny Justice

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