February 26, 2012

Photo by Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell

If you are interested in what kinds of people have joined together to bring you “The House at Pooh Corner,” opening on Friday, March 9th, let me tell you about this weekend – On Saturday the entire cast – 22 actors/singers in all – gave their afternoon to our regular 3-hour rehearsal and had the thrill of completing our first entire run-through of the show (in 90 minutes!) But that success wasn’t enough for these actors who are determined to give a stellar entertainment to our audiences – eleven actors returned for 2 extra hours that night to begin with Act I and bring it more fully to life.

And tonight I’m expecting to rest well after our 2nd Set Building Party this afternoon. For three-hours Pooh actors, friends and family – about 15 in all – painted flats, wrapped Eeyore’s logs in fabric and Pooh’s 12-foot high tree in chicken wire; and we added a patchwork fabric over the chicken wire, for a warm, soft, GIANT tree, with a small door of course, for Pooh.

Opening night is just a week and a few days away. Between now and then we’ll finish creating the set, costumes and props (several honey jars are needed of course) for Pooh. Hang the lights and practice our sound cues. Then March 9th will come, and you, our long anticipated audience. Hurry up. We can’t wait. Tickets are on the DFT Shows page now. See you soon.

Warmly, Jenny

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