March 6, 2011

The Wild Cast of Pooh (Picture by Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell

Opening night is just three days away – and oh my tech/dress rehearsal week is a looooooooot of work – getting the set transferred from its warehouse to our performance space at Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, 504 W. Chapel Hill St., downtown Durham. Finishing off the costumes – making adjustments – fixing props that don’t work and organdizing (as Rabbit says) them backstage. Hanging and focusing the lights, rehearsing sound cues – run through the show every night adding costumes and makeup – honestly, it is both exciting and exhausting. And all the while we anticipate our audience arriving – and hope they’ll be entertained and glad they chose to share their time with us.

But finally, when I think back over tonight’s dress rehearsal, what I remember are all the people working so hard together – I see the actors lined up for Misty to assign Gorgeous white vests that she created to all the Rabbit Chorus members. On the other side of the hall Michelle has her own line of actors being fitted to their rabbit ears. Ute, Robin and Jim spent the afternoon adding finishing touches to the set. Jerri is “organdizing” ushers and people keep saying to me, “What can I do? Let me do something to help!”

It is sustaining and affirming to be in a community, working hard, creating something that excites us – all of us giving the very best we can. I hope you’ll come and share in our creative community – Opening Night is this Friday, March 9th, 7:00 pm. Please join us – click on the DFT Shows page for show times and tickets. See you there.

Warmly, Jenny


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