March 28, 2012

WOW! There are some fantastic young actors in our community and I’m excited about the cast we have so far for our June 1,2,8,9 production of the original high school comedy/drama, “Between the Bells,” about real life in our public schools. We still need four young actors to fill out our cast. If you are a student of African American, Hispanic or Latino background and want to act in our spring show, please contact DFT’S artistic director, Jenny Justice (919.286.5717 or, as soon as possible to read for a part. Even if you haven’t acted in a play before, this could be a great place to start. Rehearsals will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings from now until June.  PARENTS permission is required for actors under the age of eighteen, since the play is rated PG 13 for strong language. Here’s the info:

Hispanic/Latino Parts Still Available:
§       Olivia – 10th grade – Smart. Quietly outgoing. She goes unnoticed by teachers until they see her high grades. She goes unnoticed by students until they realize she can help them in class and that she is fun. She is a pastel artist and friendly with Trina in art class.

§       Joseph –       10th grade. His mother left his father 5 years ago; his father now lives in Mexico with his new wife and daughter. He does not see his father. JOSEPH is torn between his sweet nature, his early lead poisoning and the demands to be a macho Hispanic male. He has been incorrectly diagnosed with and medicated for ADHD.

§      Enrico – 10th grade – A strong, friendly young man. He is smart and has taught himself enough English to make good grades. When he doesn’t understand, he cheats shamelessly. He enjoys his status as a leader in the Hispanic community at school. He is a trickster, in the style of Pan and Puck, a satyr.

African American Part Still Available:

Jamie Mattis – 11th grade – Jamie is a mix of African American and Native Caribbean through his grandparents, both parents are southern African Americans. He’s shorter than most of his peers and strong; he carries himself with the sexual bravado of an aggressive Casanova. He comes from a lineage of gang members – his father and uncle both being big in the gang. His brother was killed in the drive-by. Jamie is smart and aggressively sly. Duck and dodge. He has no real sense of connections outside his “people”.

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