PICS from DFT 2012 Summer Performance Camps


AND if you’re thinking about auditioning on Sept. 8 & 10 for our Nov. 2012 production of Between the Bells – GO TO OUR DFT SHOWS Page to Upload a SAMPLE SCRIPT 

The final performance of our summer camps season was on Friday night – August 10 – on Saturday I downloaded the last of the pictures from that one-week Storytelling Camp. This prompted me to sift through pics from the entire summer; looking at them all at once brought both warm memories & insights into DFT’S evolving traditions.

 The pictures clarified what we value about the DFT performance camp experience – broad theatre experiences (from acting to stage management & set & costume design,) caring for our theatre environment, playing, resting, interns, make-up, shows, storytelling, friends and family. Our camps balance the intense work of creating a one-hour performance in two-weeks time with stress releasing play and nurturing rest. Friendships emerge and are renewed. Families support their campers’ efforts generously. That’s who we are.

Two fabulous TEEN INTERNS joined us at our first camp of the summer. Francesca Suarez and Brie Charles participated in DFT summer camps 2011 and they had a lot to do with how much fun our 23 campers had in June 2012. (And how sane the camp director remained …)


ACTING REHEARSALS involve learning the areas of the stage (chalk drawing in the parking lot) and experiencing the power of geometry in stage movement. Studying lines – developing a character both inside and out – vocal exercises – physical warm-ups – practice, practice, practice, practice …


After all the hard work we eat great snacks and enjoy each other’s company PLAYING both inside and outdoors – until we’re so tired we take some time out for RESTING –reading, playing board games with whispers only, napping –


We always return to CREATING OUR SHOW – designing sets & costumes, then building or gathering them. We explore make-up and mask making. Even during free-time we keep creating new things – like French mustaches, feathered STORYTELLING MASKS and a STORYTELLER’S CHAIR.  Creation is an irresistible urge we have in common and the DFT camps say “YES!” to that urge – with amazing consequences!


All through the day we take good care of our beautiful camp environment – cleaning up after snacks, lunches, games and set-painting activities – This summer the campers taught me the “CLEAN UP” SONG – in words and actions.


On the last Friday & Saturday of the camp sessions, we arrive at camp in the evening to perform our show. Anticipation sizzles. Nerves are handled by breathing deeply or pushing on a wall. We get into costume and make-up, chase each other around the room, settle down and hold hands in a circle. Do some group stretches & sound exercises – share hugs and handshakes, and respond with equal mixtures of calm resolve and bubbling excitement to the director’s quiet call, “Actors, take your places please. The audience is entering the hall.” It’s SHOW TIME!


And by the end of every camp session a metamorphosis has occurred – through our mutual creative endeavors, through play and arguments and forgiveness and rest, through rehearsals and performances we become a COMMUNITY, sometimes even a FAMILY


Thank you all for a fun & satisfying summer! Jenny

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