December 9, 2012

Joy at Auditions

Joy Harrell, our fabulous Music Director at auditions for Space Pirates

“Welcome to Video Control Center. You have selected to enter the Forbidden Zone. The Princess Errestria has been captured. You must rescue her. Warriors, prepare to be taken into the game!” from “Space Pirates!”

Talented children, teens and adults entered the game on Saturday at our 1st round of auditions for “Space Pirates! A musical adventure through cyberspace.” It was great to see old friends (like Steve Burham, aka Mad Hatter & Touchstone, and Auntais Falkner, aka Corin in “As You Like It”) and to welcome new singer/actors to DFT. Nearly 30 singers/actors/dancers joined in the excitement as we realized we love the play – tried out singing some of the songs together – danced – and cheered each other on.

“Space Pirates!” is a large show – with 22 absolutely necessary actor/singers and the potential for as many singers as we like to include. So please plan to show-up at the 2nd round of auditions on Monday, December 10th from 6 pm – 8:30 pm (1st come/1st seen) at Central Park School for Children, 724 Foster St., Durham, NC. More Details on the DFT Shows page.)

WE NEED ACTORS & SINGERS OF ALL AGES for “Space Pirates!” – especially a couple more middle-high school males who love science-fiction, Japanese anime, adventure, singing and being part of a community of singer/actors working to create an exciting, high quality show for our audiences.

JOIN US! and Tell all your friends …

pixel 1From “Space Pirates!”

KYLE: Look! It’s a big black hole coming right at our baby-sitters!

BARBIE: It’s swallowing them up!

LIZ: It’s devouring them!


KYLE: We’ve got to get into the game and save them.

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