December 13, 2013

ImageI’m always moved by the courage it takes to audition for a show. To put your creative self on the line in a live performance feels like dancing ballet on a high wire without a net – the only thing you can really do is become braver than you ever imagined and give your all. And every single person who auditioned for “Space Pirates!” did exactly that – It was thrilling.

 Thanks to all of you who gave your all – Here’s the cast of our soon to be fantastic show!

pixel 1CAST for “SPACE PIRATES! A musical adventure through cyberspace”


Kyle, 12-year-old video game expert             James Apisai

Liz, Kyle’s smart 10-year-old sister             Jelanie Anderson

Barbie, 11-year-old spoiled brat             Mimi Haase

Robin, Barbie’s 12-year-old sister, class clown type            Maddie Brigman


Tiffany             Angelina Katsanis

Lisa             Megan Talikoff

Samantha            Evelyn Kuhnlein

Duke             Simon Hirsch


Captain Jamie, a bold heroine             Dominique Allen

Captain Austin, a strong hero             Auntais Faulkner

Lieutenant Sprocket, an android             Patrick Morgan

Chief Bronson, cowboy, chief of engineering             Steve Burham

Sergeant Noodles, navigational officer             Kent Lewis

Doctor Lovely, ship psychiatrist             Beth Siegling

Private Zip, crew member             Lucie Talikoff

Private Zap, crew member             Stella Domec


Chasm, Evil Diva of Cyberspace             Rhumel Anderson

Gorge, Chasm’s bumbling assistant              Yunseo Choi

Ravine, Chasm’s bumbling assistant              Yuji Choi

Crater, Chasm’s evil menion              Barbara DiCicero


M-Bot, a message-carrying robot             Ephram Oliver

Princess Errestria, Beautiful supreme being of goodness             Sheba Edgerton

Crevasse, Errestra’s sister, Chasm’s imprisoned prophetess             Kalilah Donald

The Pixels, peace-loving, colorful little aliens

            Pixel Green             Margaret Breeden

            Pixel Red              Kalyn Carter

            Pixel Blue              Iliana Morgan

            Pixel Yellow/Orange             Lourdes I. Petri

            Pixel Lime              Webb Cummings

            Pixel Purple              Chiyrah Brooks

            Pixel Chorus              Logan Guzman, Nyles V. Perry, Ayanna Garrett, Stella Stringer

Bork Patrol, Chasm’s brainless army of zombies

            Bork Leader 1             Mary Badlam

            Bork Leader 2             Emmy Atkins-Pearcy

            Bork Leader 3             Emma Vengosh Weinthal

            Bork Chorus             All Pixels


Parents, Teenagers, Children of Earth             ENTIRE CAST

The Astrobelters, The Princess’s singing court:           Constance Stancil, Will Crook, Chiyrah Brooks, Lourdes Petri, Kalyn Carter, Margaret Breeden, Webb Cummings

The Vortex, work for Chasm             Constance Stancil, Will Crook, Chiyrah Brooks, Lourdes Petri, Margaret Breeden, Kalyn Carter, Webb Cummings


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