February 21, 2013

DFE at Guthrie Theatre

DFE at Guthrie Theatre

TAKE the OPPORTUNITY to ACT in Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet, Rita Dove’s, powerful, passionate, compelling, lyrical tragedy, “The Darker Face of the Earth.” FINAL AUDITION on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25th, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Details on the DFT SHOWS PAGE.

In November 2012 I observed that our beautiful, passionate, honestly acted production of “Between the Bells” had been a successful-failure.

It was a true success in that it fulfilled the visions of the writer/director, designers and actors – the actors were fully alive in telling their story and our audiences were moved to laughter and tears.


Between the Bells

But we were trying to develop a new audience for that show and I simply failed to get the word out adequately to teens around the city. We never drew more than 30 enthusiastic audience members per show. We lost one-thousand-dollars on the immeasurably valuable project that brought together African American, Hispanic, Latino and White Durham teens to lay it on the line about life in our high schools.

SP Laughter ChasmToday, as I posted pictures to our Photo Wall from our third annual family musical, “Space Pirates! A musical adventure through cyberspace,” I reflected that this time we were successful in all directions.

ImageOur passion for the project grew with our confidence that we could tell the story fully and honestly; the actors were entirely alive on the stage.

A remarkable community of family and friends supported our cast in their efforts. At one point I counted 100 people involved in rehearsing our play, building & painting our sets, sewing our costumes, putting on make up, getting young actors to rehearsals, focusing lights, setting the props …

ImageOur audiences were moved to laughter and more laughter. And even a few sweet tears when the Princess Errestria sang of home. Plus, our audiences packed the house for nearly 5-nights running – making $1,000 profit to balance out the loss of our beloved “Between the Bells.” In the not-for-profit world we call that “coming out ahead!”

Please enjoy the new additions to our Photo Wall of Shows – then go to the DFT Shows page to read about auditions for our spring 2013 (PG-13) production of Rita Dove’s “The Darker Face of the Earth.”

From there you can click on the DFT Classes page and register for Spring 2013 creative fun, or jump ahead to the DFT Summer Camps page and make plans to immerse your young actors in theatre this summer.

There’s a lot going on at Durham Family Theatre; we hope you’ll join us as we grow.

Warmly, Jenny Justice


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  1. thank you Jenny for all you do! Rosie

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