BRIGID CASTFirst, everyone at Durham Family Theatre offers BIG GRATITUDE to all who were able to contribute to our “Light Up the Stage: 2013-2014” On-line Fundraiser. Your generosity added $ 575 to our ability to keep our promises and make dreams come true. We know that all belts are pulled tighter these days, and promise to spend your treasure well in service to our mission. Thank you.


“As You Like It” DFT fall 2011

The bad news is that we didn’t come near to reaching our goal of raising $3,000.00 with our “Light Up the Stage” event. I’m certain it’s because I’m still clumsy at cyber-fundraising (fortunately we have great help coming in this area!) – and also because so many families are struggling to simply put food on the table these days. IT’s NEVER TOO LATED TO CONTRIBUTE TO DFT’S SHOWS & EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. Go to the Light Up the Stage Page and click on the donation amount of your choice.

Could 1 of these people be a murderer?

Cast of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” Could one of these people be a murderer?

We count success in many ways at DFT, and the GREAT NEWS is that we had a strong turnout of actors at auditions for Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” – our 2013-2014 season opener – more fine actors than we could put into our cast and we hope to see them all again sometime. We held our first rehearsal of Mousetrap tonight; I am honestly thrilled with the talent assembled to bring alive this moving, chilling, honest, suspenseful play. Tickets are on sale now at the DFT SHOWS page.

And I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s rehearsals. Keep you posted.

Jenny Justice, DFT Artistic Director

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