Introducing the Cast of “Brigid Without A Story”

Jenny Justice & Joy Harrell-Goff at Brigid Rehearsals

Jenny Justice & Joy Harrell-Goff at Brigid Rehearsals

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Durham Family Theatre world premiere of “Brigid Without A Story,” a musical fantasy to enchant all ages. Today we held our first rehearsal with most of the 30 cast members present – and a rousing time we had! Plan to join us for the show on February 7, 8, 14, 15, 2014. Tickets are available now on the DFT Shows page.

Introducing the fantastic cast of


Written and Directed by Jennifer Justice

Song Lyrics & Melodies by Jennifer Justice, Vocal Arrangements, Music Director, Joy Harrell-Goff, All Songs Produced and Arranged by Michael D. Jones, Sr.

Cast of Characters

Queen éire/Fianait, the Red Deer         Rachael Mullen

Harold the Herald         Kent Lewis

Festival Family/Grave Diggers

Morrigu, Goddess of War & Death          Vi Parker

Airmid, Goddess of Healing          Taylor Dorsey-Flowers

Mider, God of the Underworld          Patrick Morgan

Villagers at the Festival

Aideen, a Baker/Silkie 1          Calior Bestwick

Bronwyn, a Baker/Silkie 2          Beth Siegling

Darcy, a cow farmer/Silkie 3          Stella Domec

Caireann, a sheep farmer/Silkie 4          Megan Talikoff

Festival Children          Lucie Talikoff, London Burnham, Atty Bestwick, Cassidy Barnes, Iliana Morgan, Emma Catherine Cain, Margaret Breeden

Seanchaís (Storytellers)

Deidre the Strong          N’Dea Pickett

Kyra the Beautiful          Angelina Katsanis

Ríordán the Brave          Donald Mullen

Brigid the Poet          Korinn Annette Jefferies

Warrior Youths/Wolf Pups

Fil/Filtairn          Micah Hall

Con/Convel          Tanielu Apisai

Ard/Ardwolf          Izzie Pratico

Cana/Canagan          Jyson Barreto

Col/Colin          Parker Apisai

Brocc the Leprechaun          James Apisai

Rose, Queen of Fairies          N’Dea Pickett

Daisy, assistant to the Fairy Queen          Angelina Katsanis

Violet, a shy young fairy          Margaret Breeden

Viola, a shy young fairy          Emma Catherine Cain

Dancing Fairies          London Burnham, Atty Bestwick, Cassidy Barnes, Lucie Talikoff, Eleanor Mullen, Iliana Morgan

Mac Lir, the Sea God         Donald Mullen

Queen Meara, Silkie Queen of the Sea          Donna Hoover

ENSEMBLE (Festival Chorus, Spirit Chorus, Fairy Chorus, Silkie Chorus)           Calior Bestwick, Beth Siegling, Stella Domec, Megan Talikoff, Faith Foraker, Emma Catherine Cain, Margaret Breeden, Atty Bestwick, Cassidy Barnes, Eleanor Mullen, Lucie Talikoff, Iliana Morgan

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