Brigid Without A Story and Beyond

ImageThank you to everyone in the amazing, talented, dedicated, hardworking, skillful, musical and entirely committed cast and crew of “Brigid Without A Story,” a musical fantasy to enchant every age, DFT’s fourth family musical, which closed to standing ovations this past weekend. Thank you to the families of our cast and crew for your support and your life-changing volunteer efforts to help bring Brigid to the stage and clean up afterward. Thank you for the delicious cake and treats you added to our cast party celebration.

And thank you to our wonderful audiences, for your laughter, your tears, your breathless silences and your enthusiastic appreciation of our new musical.

All the sets, costumes, props, lighting & sound equipment have been carried from our lovely theatre at Trinity United Methodist Church and are waiting to be sorted, cleaned and put away in a measured fashion over the months from now to June when our summer theatre camps begin.

And time moves along – we’re gearing up to present our winter class showcases in a few weeks and begin our much anticipated spring 8-week acting classes (Excitement simmers over the 2nd offering in the Ghostbusting Twins mystery play-series that our 9-12 year old actors will be performing in Spring – it’s going to be fun to see how those weird characters handle their next mystery) Register today for Spring Classes beginning on March 11, 2014.

Summer acting camps are filling fast and our new offering, A Play A Day week-long camps to start and end the summer, is already very popular. Register Today for a summer of creative fun & learning while we make exciting theatre for our audiences!

I’m investigating whether we have the resources (human as well as fiscal) to present a one-weekend only showing of a workshop production in late April. I’d love to do it and have a show in mind, but there are many other aspects of growing DFT that need attention … I’ll finish investigating by next Monday, so check out the DFT Shows page next week to find out what’s ahead.

ImageAnd I’m looking ahead to our board meeting in March – (I love our board members!) There’s lots to do as always to grow Durham’s multi-racial, intergenerational, exciting, transforming community theatre.

The best part is, no one is doing it alone — nearly 100 people helped bring “Brigid Without A Story” alive for our nearly full houses. Thank you.

Hope to see you soon – Jenny Justice, artistic director of DFT


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