Telling Stories


While living in Boston, Mass. in the ’80s & 90s (last century) I made a good full-time living as a storyteller and educator for young and old. I taught teachers in the Creative Arts in Learning master’s degree program at Lesley University and helped to found The Three Apples Storytelling Festival. I performed stories at The National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee and at Pete Seeger’s “Hudson River Revival” festival.

All that time I had a dream of telling stories in a different way – not as a one-night-only performer or even as part of a three-month school residency. I dreamed of telling stories over many years as part of a community.

Today I had the pleasure of sharing 2 stories with a group of 250 K-5th graders at Central Park School for Children (where DFT holds our play rehearsals.) Among the 250 students were many I had known for 3, 4 or 5 years as participants in DFT classes, camps and plays. And a great many others I remembered from telling stories at CPSFC two-years-ago.

Jenny crpWe had great fun together today – it was a blast – there was a strong feeling that we knew each other from the start – Respect had been established. We were comfortable together. After 35-minutes, much laughter and even some gasping suspense – the students filed quietly out to the sound of gentle music and many of them briefly touched my hand as they walked past, nodded shyly or smiled. We had shared a good time together. We knew each other better now.

That’s when I realized that my long-ago Boston dream had come true in Durham, North Carolina. And I wanted to say, “thank you.”

Warmly, Jenny Justice

One response to “Telling Stories

  1. You were also a reverend in the Unitarian Church and touched my heart, I will never forget!

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